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At Starline Powder Coating we do everything we can to ensure our work will be of the highest quality.

  • Powder coating of lengths up to 8m
  • Fully automated spray booth and a separate hand coating booth -to provide maximum flexibility and ensure we can cover all customer powder coating requirements large or small with equal care and attention.
  • Oxilan technology eco-friendly and multi metal 5 stage pre-treatment process– the most recommended treatment for aluminium.
  • Express Service Available – for Urgent orders
  • Delivery and Pickup Service


Why should I use powder coating?

Powder coated product simply looks better than liquid paint, it is more durable, more chip resistant, has superior adhesion, is less expensive than liquid paint of comparable performance, is environmentally friendly, chemically resistant and ready to use as soon as part has cooled down. Powder coating is generally a one coat finish applied to a suitably cleaned and pre-treated substrate.

We can coat up to 8m and have a fully automated coating booth and a separate hand coating booth to ensure we are able to meet all our customer powder coating needs.


Why is pre-treatment so important?

Our Oxilan technology pre-treatment system is a five-stage dip tank system used for pre-treating all materials prior powder coating process.

Tank 1 – Hydrofluoric Acid, for cleaning and etching the aluminium,

Tank 2 – 1st water rinse, used to remove all acid from the aluminium.

Tank 3 – 2nd water rinse, ensures all traces of Acid are removed prior to Oxilan rinse.

Tank 4 – Oxsilan rinse – It is essential as it affords long term corrosion protection and ensures optimal paint adhesion.

Tank 5 Reverse Osmosis - final rinse tank, removes all dissolved and suspended solids from the metal prior to powder coating.

Quality pre-treatment is necessary for the successful adhesion of the powder. The pre-treatment process involves a chemical reaction on the surface of the metal to clean it of dirt, oils and grease, and then convert it into a chemical layer that is resistant to corrosion as powder coating alone will not provide a corrosion resistant coating on the metal.


Powder coating is ideal for:

  • Residential and Commercial work
  • External and internal Installations
  • Decorative and practical purposes


Our powder coating process involves the following steps:

  • Checking of the material on arrival to ensure that the material we receive matches your order and immediately alert you if any discrepancies.
  • Pre-treatment – preparing and protecting a material prior to powder coating
  • Hanging materials – process of presenting the items correctly in preparation for powder coating using jigs and other equipment. All products are hand jigged to ensure the best coating
  • Powder application
  • Curing – The heat in the oven will cause powder to melt and form a protective “skin” around the part.
  • Packing - All orders are packed for transport to meet your individual needs to reduce transport damage to the finished product.


How long should I allow for my job to be coated?

Generally, allow 5 working days for all jobs to be treated, coated, packed and ready for dispatch. For urgent orders we also have express service available – 24 hours turnaround.


How do you care for powder coated aluminium?

The best method of cleaning is by regular washing of the coating using a solution of clean warm water and non -abrasive PH neutral detergent solution. Surfaces should be thoroughly rinsed after cleaning to remove all residue.

In environments with very high corrosive levels such as industrial or marine cleaning should be more frequent as per powder supplier guidelines.



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